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When should I order?

ASAP! It is never too early to book for your event. We book up fast throughout the year and are sometimes are booked up for several weeks at a time. We do our best to fit in last minute orders, so it is good to reach out, but it is not always possible for us to complete them in time for your event. I usually suggest at least 2 weeks notice, but sooner is always better!


How does it work? How do I order?

Send us an email to get started. I do all my orders through email to keep them in order. When you have decided on how many cookies you would like, I will send you an invoice to pay online and add you to the calendar. Payment is not due until one week prior to pick up though! Send you inspiration photos, invitations, or decorations that you will be using in your email. 

Do I refrigerate my cookies?

NO! Cookies should not be refrigerated. Our cookies are soft and the refrigerator will make them too soft and they will break. Also, the condensation will make the colors run and bleed together. They should not be in heat or direct sun either! No temperature fluctuations at all. I usually tell people to put them on top of the fridge, out of the way, and not in any cold/hot temperatures.


How long will my cookies last?

Cookies are fine for several weeks, however the colors will start to bleed together or fade. They are fine to pick up the day before your event. If you plan to pick them up several days prior to your event, let us know so that we can take into consideration how long they will be sitting when deciding on colors combinations for icing colors.


What will the cookies look like?

If you are getting a mixed platter, it is your theme, but we pick the cookies that are part of the mix. Please do send invitations, party décor, or ideas that you have seen online. We can use these as inspiration for your set of cookies. Typically, I pull out the cookie cutters that I will be using three to four days before pick up and design the platter at that time. I don’t provide sketches because it takes time away from actually decorating your cookies and the sketches never look like the cookies, the cookies look better! I have been making cookies for over six years and have a strong art background. Check out our Portfolio to see cookies we have done and get a feel for our style and work.

Will my cookies look like the cookies in the photo I sent?

Cookies are an art form and each artist has their own style, technique, and skill level. We use the photos that you send more as an inspiration, but they won’t look exactly like the photo. In fact, your cookies may not look like the photo of our own cookies because we evolve and grow in our skill set. We always do our best though!

What is your refund policy? 

We have updated our payment procedures during this unpredictable time:

* We understand that events are being cancelled or rescheduled right now and in the near future. We want to give you some flexibility when scheduling while taking on the right amount of work. Prompt payment does guarantee your spot on our calendar and if you need to reschedule or keep your order as a credit, you will be able to do so for any future dates. (Excluding September 26 to October 6; Thanksgiving week, and Christmas/New Years Weeks.)


* The due date on your invoice is the last possible day for payment to secure your order and have it ready on the agreed date. You will be emailed a reminder two days prior to your due date if you leave it unpaid. Events less than a week away need to be paid immediately and are nonrefundable for any reason as we will need to start on your order immediately.


* Any orders not paid by the due date will be removed from our calendar to allow for other orders. We only take on a certain number of orders for every date, which means that we turn away orders after we have reached capacity for your date. Last minute cancellations mean that we cannot take on other work and are left with holes in our schedule where we could have accommodated others with no time to add on additional work.


* Once paid, this is nonrefundable to your credit card so be sure to let me know any changes or corrections beforehand.


* If for any reason you are not comfortable making payment at this time, please let me know immediately! Once again, payment once made is not refundable.

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