Cookie Pricing 

Decorated Cookie Platters

Platters range in size, color, details, and designs. It is your theme, however we choose the cookies that are part of the mix. Platters start at $55 for a dozen cookies. This platter is made up of a mix of small and medium cookies with minimal colors and details. (Metallics such as gold would be extra because this is hand painted.)


We also offer a Deluxe Platter for $60 that is made up of a dozen small, medium and large cookies, with at least 6 to 10 mini cookies (mini cookies are typically less than an inch in size.) This is the most visually pleasing platter and has the most details and colors.


I usually include three cookies of each design per platter, so the more cookies you get the more of a mix of designs will be included. 


If you think that you will need a few more cookies, you can add 6 cookies for $26 or 12 cookies for $45 to the two choices above. If you would like to get your cookies individually bagged it is not a problem at all, just add $4 per dozen.


Individual Cookies

Custom Cookie prices are determined on a per cookie basis, meaning the price will be charged by each individual cookie rather than by the dozen. Minimum of a dozen of each design. The pricing guide below explains how prices are determined. This is just a guide and not a menu, please contact us for a quote. There is not guarantee that dates will be available until payment is received in full. Order will not be started until payment is received. It is important to plan ahead to secure your order date. 

Sizes:   Mini: Less than 1"

             Small: 1" to 2.5"

             Medium: 2.5" to 3.5"

             Large: Larger than 3.5"


Basic: 1-3 colors, cookie cutter used, minimal piping/detail decoration

Detailed: 4-5 colors, cookie cutter used, moderate piping/detail decoration, airbrush

Elaborate: 6+ colors, hand cut designs used, maximum piping/details, airbrush, any metallic colors such as gold, rose gold, silver (Please remember that black and white are colors.)


                       Basic             Detailed          Elaborate

Mini              $1.50               $2.00                $2.50+

Small             2.75                  3.50                  4.00+

Medium         3.75                  4.50                  5.00+

Large             4.50+                5.00+                6.00+

*Prices subject to change without notification.

Printed Cookies

We can print anything on a cookie! We have a Direct to Cookie printer, this means that we can print directly to a cookie any image of your choosing. There are no funny tasting sugar sheets or rice papers, just our delicious cookies! Prices start at $3.75 per cookie and there is a minimum order of 12 cookies. Send us an email and your image and let's get started!


Each cookie is handmade and a work of art. Minor imperfections are a part of the process. Each one is unique and so I cannot guarantee an exact replica of the photo you see. We want you to be satisfied with your cookies. If you have any questions, need something altered, or would like a change from what you see in our selection, please let me know prior to purchasing.

***Cookie Care: Do not refrigerate cookies, they should be kept out of direct sunlight and with no major temperature changes. 

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